Master Key PoRTAL Bounties (Utility 1)

A qualified Buyer must be a Holder of $MKF (min 10,000) tokens to enter the Master Key PoRTAL.
Buyers will be able to browse listed tokens/coins offered or utilize the search function for a specific interest. The asking price/amount and the Soft Staking bounty total (which will increase daily) will be shown for all coins/tokens listed. When a buyer agrees to an asking price/amount traded, the low $3 (paid in BNB) exit fee will be assessed, and tokens released from the PoRTAL along with the awarded bounty of $MKF tokens earned during the soft staking. The Buyer will have the option to re-list the tokens purchased to minimize taxation of the listed token/coins contract requirements prior to transfer. If this option is chosen the $3 transactional fee will still occur and the $MKF tokens will be transferred to the buyer, but an additional $3 transaction fee will not be assessed to the re-list the token/ coin.
The amount paid along with the Soft Staking $MKF tokens earned will be released to the listing user after the successful connection of the wallet used to post the listing and selecting the claim function.