Soft Staking in PoRTAL (Utility 2)

Soft Staking is a revolutionary method designed by the owner of Master Key Finance to reward not just one stream of passive income to holders but several streams of passive income.
Soft Staking will reward users of Master Key PoRTAL with $MKF tokens just for listing/trading or buying. The longer a coin/token listing is posted for trade or sale, the greater the $MKF token reward/bounty will be. This makes listings more desirable to buyers and allows the sellers to stake coins that have no passive benefit or that have low to no value. Users and buyers will be able to see the accumulating bounty of $MKF tokens available before purchase.
Soft staking will stimulate significant interest. A user may Soft Stake tokens for the sole purpose of the staking rewards. In this case, no bounty will be established. Soft Staking rewards of $MKF token will begin on the established rebasing hour. The rebasing hour will be on that one identified hour daily for all coins/tokens. Reflections from $MKF tokens accumulated during Soft Staking will earn $MKF tokens that will be accumulated in the rewards contract. All holders will receive 10% from the Soft Staking rewards contract daily. Loyalty holders of 2 million or more $MKF tokens will qualify for our Flex Reward, an additional 25% of the rewards contract daily.
This distribution will happen on the rebasing hour. Once tokens are transferred to the user and buyer all additional rewards earned will belong to each, respectively. Soft Staking will reward at a rate of one-to-one with tokens/coins listed not to exceed 10 $MKF tokens a day to the user and 5 $MKF tokens a day as a bounty to the buyer. If less than 10 $MKF tokens are listed the bounty will always be half. Soft Staking rewards and bounty will be transferred during the transaction or when the listing is terminated by the user.
All vetted tokens/coins listed in the Master Key PoRTAL will qualify for Soft Staking. All reflections awarded to tokens/coins that receive reflections while Soft Staked will be sent to the rewards contract. Any sales within the PoRTAL terminated by the user will only qualify for the user's portion of the Soft Staking rewards and not the buyer's bounty. The terminated sale buyers' bounty of $MKF tokens will be removed stopping reflections and returned to the staking pool.
The additional utilities that will be live at launch will conduct internal awareness and company revenue for additional shareholder protection. These utilities will operate on a separate splash page.