Smart contract of Master Key Finance

$MKF token is deflationary with 1% of the total sale volume being BBB (Buy Back and Burn) and 3% of the total supply representing the Core Team wallets that will never be sold.
By owning and holding $MKF tokens, the holder will receive BUSD rewards of 4% on all buys and 5% BUSD rewards on all sell transactions of $MKF. In addition, holders will have the ability to Soft Stake any validated token or coin. This will bring value to coins/tokens that may have little to no value and reward the holder for doing so. Loyalty holders who hold 2 million+ $MKF tokens will qualify for an additional flex reward of 25% of all revenue generated from the PoRTAL rewards distributor daily.
Please see the Master Key Audit report below.
Master Key Finance-ZeroSec-Audit-Report.pdf