Transactional Fees

When using MFK utilities you will not find a “catch-22”. No unrealistic APY’s, No high early exit fee or tax, No set minimum or max.
One flat rate in and one flat rate out. Yes, this will cover the cost of the transaction itself but will also be used as an award mechanism.
Master Key Finance will provide the most competitive transactional rate for the user and the buyer. This is accomplished by taking an expensive one-step process and splitting this cost between the user and the buyer. A very low $3 transactional fee (paid in BNB) will be paid by the User for listing/Soft Staking the coin/token. 25% of this will be distributed to all Holders of $MKF token. The same extremely competitive low $3 transactional fee (paid in BNB) will be assessed and paid by the buyer. 25% of this will also be distributed to all holders of $MKF token.