Real Utilities at Launch

Master Key PoRTAL - Utility 1
The Master Key PoRTAL is a state-of-the-art platform within Master Key Finance. This “Market Place” will allow Crypto Holders (of any kind) to list tokens/coins they wish to sell or swap with other crypto holders (minimum cost) while naming their price. Utilizing the Master Key PoRTAL, as a third-party platform, holders have the assurance of transparency and security. Holders will get the most competitive rates for transactions. Both the user and the buyer will be awarded $MKF tokens.
The user is rewarded for listing their token/coin with $MKF tokens and the token/coin will be given value by placing a bounty on it. Users have the option to Soft-Stake any external coin/token (with established liquidity) to be rewarded in $MKF.
Listing in Master Key PoRTAL*
To gain access to the Master Key Token “PoRTAL”, (applies to buyers and sellers), the user must be a holder of $MFK (min 10 Tokens). Once connected, the user will choose the qualifying coins/tokens within the connected wallet, the total to be listed, and the type/amount of desired payment by the buyer. Coins/tokens being sold, Soft-Staked, or swapped will be released to the Master Key PoRTAL contract. Coins/tokens will be released to the first qualified buyer as long as the token/coin has established liquidity. A user wallet may not list more than one listing of token/coin from the same contract address at any time. All tokens/coins listed regardless of type or amount will qualify for Soft Staking.
NOTE: No two tokens/coins are the same and both the user and buyer must take this into consideration when it comes to the tokenomics of the asset being transferred from the user to buyer. The transactional “coin/token tax” that the specific coin/token contract may or may not impose throughout the selling, buying, or swapping process is not controlled by Master Key Finance. The MKF Team is actively working with platforms that do or do not charge a transfer tax. The goal is to waive or adjust these taxes when working with the MKF platform to benefit the holder.
Current practices solely benefit platforms.
The intent is to not hurt platforms but to facilitate a process where the holder is in more control.